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About us

Bazar305 is our country's first environment friendly e-commerce. that takes back the plastica consumers buy from us in return for roward points, which they can use as discounts. For example, you bought a bottle of coke in your first purchase from Bazar365. You Shed the service and decided to buy a bag of rice in your second purchase. When we come to deliver the bag of rice, if you return your coke bottle from the previous order-you will get reward points which you can use as discounts!

About the Campaign: Iftar Packs in return of giving Plastics Back!

We understand that the core essence of Ramadan is for us to practice discipline, control, sacrifice & empathy for those who are less fortunate. Considering that everything we do, is focused on heating our envirshment we are requesting you to return the harmful plastice you have to us. In return for giving us your used plastics, we will be providing an iftar pack to an under-privlieged person. The goal is to help both the environment & the people ving within in

How will it work?

If you place an order at Bazar365, you can return your used plastics to our delivery team when they come with your order. Additionally, if you return plasties that you purchased from us, you will receive reward points which you can avail as discounts in your next orders So what are you waiting for? Return your plastics & share smiles with others!

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